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Date:2005-06-14 12:52
Subject:Young Avengers

So, apparently there is buzz galore over the meaningful looks that the teen characters Hulkling and the Asgardian are giving each other in the new Young Avengers book. The writer is hinting that fan speculation may be correct and that they are indeed teen boys in love. I will have to go pick the book up and see.

The writer, Allan Heinberg, responds to a bit of homophobia in the letters page (by someone who, of course, claims he's not homophobic) by saying, "Young Avengers is about the superheroic lives and loves of the Young Avengers -- black or white, mutant or robot, straight or gay. It is indeed an all-ages book, and one I hope will reflect the extraordinary diversity of the world in which we live."

Wow, it doesn't take much surfing to find fucking bricks-for-brains fanboys promising they will drop the book like a moldy cheese if there is any gay action in it. So, I'm going to check it out and let Marvel I'm doing so strictly on the rumours that there will be same sex love between main characters in the comic.

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Date:2005-04-17 15:19

A conversation that might be of interest from speedsicle, the Bobby/JP community.


Just to give a heads-up.

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Date:2005-03-21 13:18
Mood: accomplished

Just a test post for the community, and to say that I don't know a thing about LJ layout, anybody who joins or wants to join that can contribute would be greatly appreciated!


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